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Southeastern Arizona Contractors Association

About Us and What We Do

SACA was formed in 1977 by a diverse group of contractors to promote the construction industry in Cochise County, Arizona.

SACA's mission is to improve the quality of representation for the construction industry in Southeastern Arizona by:

  • Promoting local construction industry through committee participation on ROC, Legislative  Affairs, Building Code Technical Committee, City/County Stakeholders Committees.

  • Promoting safe work practices through education and training 

  • Promoting quality workmanship and ethical conduct in business 

  • Assist members in marketing their business 

  • Supporting local charities.

SACA provides referrals and has a unique Plan Service Program that brings contractors and projects together in an expedient and competitive bidding process.

How We Help

The Southeastern Arizona Contractors Association or “SACA” is doing our part in making a difference by:

  • KEEPING CONSTRUCTION PRICES LOWER by advocating a commonsense approach to local code changes.
  • SUPPORTING LOCAL CHARITIES that help our less fortunate and invest in the future of our youth.
  • PROVIDING SCHOLARSHIP FUNDING through Cochise College to help educate our next generation of local businesspersons.
  • PROMOTING SAFE WORK ENVIRONMENTS by providing safety education to insure everyone comes home safely.
  • PROTECTING RESIDENTS AND CONTRACTORS by requiring all Contractor members to be in good standing with the Registrar of Contractors. Choosing a SACA Contractor assures that you are choosing someone that is in compliance with the State of Arizona.
  • SUPPORTING SMART GROWTH IN OUR COMMUNITY through the support of those that advocate for local development.

Become a Member Today and participate in our upcoming events!

We invite you to join our organization as we strive to build a better future for our community! 

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