Southeastern Arizona contractors association

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SACA's Impact on the Local Community

The Southeastern Arizona Contractors Association or “SACA” is doing our part in making a difference by:

  •   KEEPING CONSTRUCTION PRICES LOWERbyadvocating a common sense approach to local code changes.
  • SUPPORTING LOCAL CHARITIESthat help our less fortunate and invest in the future of our youth.
  • PROVIDING SCHOLARSHIP FUNDINGthrough Cochise College to help educate our next generation of local businesspersons.
  • PROMOTING SAFE WORK ENVIRONMENTSbyproviding safety education to insure everyone comes home safely.
  • PROTECTING RESIDENTS AND CONTRACTORSby requiring all Contractor members to be in good standing with the Registrar of Contractors. Choosing a SACA Contractor assures that you are choosing someone that is in compliance with the State of Arizona.
  • SUPPORTING SMART GROWTH IN OUR COMMUNITYthrough the support of those that advocate for local development.


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